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Galley Gossip...

Ron Balestier ('87) and wife Annette (Mercy '87)
celebrated their daughter Aulani's 1st birthday in
April with a Hawaiian style birthday celebration.
Hosts were Aulani's grandparents Joe Rodriguez
F'61 and his wife Cris (Lowell '65). Bucs attending
were Miguel Colon '90, Stella Rodriguez F'60,
Vivian (Rodriguez) Bianchi S'63, Cathy (Rodriguez)
Fata S'64, Carmen (Soto) Stuhler '56, Frank Stuhler
'55, Eva Rodriguez '93, Deborah Balestier '77, and
Roy Riguero. A nice hula time was enjoyed by all.

Joe Rodriguez F'61, by the way, was a guest of Bal
Hall of Famer James (Peewee) Rhodes S'62 at the
April luncheon meeting of the San Francisco Alumni
group. Joe enjoyed connecting and reminiscing with
former Bal athletic standouts Johnny Helms F'59,
George Wayne S'61, Joe Tennyson S'62, and
Melvin Pitre S'64. The Bal guys were amongst a
large group of alums representing almost every
San Francisco high school. Polytechnic grad
Billy Blanchard is S.F. Alumni President.

The 50's have it! In June Don Mac Angus and
Nina ( Ridge ) Mac Angus both from the class of S'56
celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with loving
family and Best Man life long friend Doug Neathery
also from S'56.

Attention Class 2004 alums. As you know, the 2004
Class did not have a Galleon yearbook. But now,
through the efforts and financial support of the Balboa
Alumni Association, we are getting closer to having a
2004 Galleon prepared for you. We are trying to get
an up-to-date mailing list. We need your name,
address, and phone number. Call Dorothy at
707 762-6162 to get on list

If you're a Buc, you'll get extra special lunch service at
the Italian American Social Club on Russia Ave.
Why? It's because Annalee DeRosa Maldonado S'59
is usually there to serve you.

If you're in Las Vegas Sept. 29 to October 2, attend
"the Best Annual Accordion Event of the Year" at the
Gold Coast Hotel. Balboa's Carl Fortina S'47 will be a
guest conductor. Call 1-800 472-1695 for information.

Guess who was awarded the San Mateo "Man of the
Year" Award by the P.A.L? "Yep" you're right - it was
board member Leroy Miranda S'79. Leroy is working
with Kevin Tucker S'79 & Joseph Belfrey S'78 on our
August 2 picnic plus planning a joint 1978-79 reunion.

 Thanks to Lou Aquillera S'44 for donating his block to
our museum. Lou is one of the Balboa Legends who
lunches and laughs on the second Tuesday of each
month at either the Granada Cafe, Hogans in South San
Francisco, or Sharps Park Golf Course in Pacifica.

From the Alumni mail bag a letter was received from
Elsie Musante Giacomina,'35. She will be 90 in
September and is the proud grandmother of 11 grand-
children, 19 great-grandchildren and 1 great-greatgrand-

The S'67 class had a successful 40th reunion on
March 15, 2008 at the Italian-American Social Club organized by Linda Federighi Perez and Classical Reunions. Classmates were happy to see each other, two being from far-away places: Jeanne Quill Lamare who lives in France and Jill Driscoll Kaui who lives in Hawaii and has been with the Honolulu Police Investigation Bureau as a detective for 28 years. According to Linda, there will be a 45th reunion, and she wants classmates to call her at 415 239-2933 to get on the mailing list.

Thanks to alumnus who donated special items to the
Balboa Museum: Al Dellinges, S'50, who donated a color
photograph of Monroe Grammar School photographed by his friend, Richard Esposto, S'50, in the late 1950s, who lived across the street from Monroe (school was replaced in the early 1970s with a new building). David Dahlgren, F'59, donated three large photographs of the "K" streetcar line that ran on tracks along Onondaga Avenue until October 1952; David volunteers at the Western Railway Museum in Solano County where one can actually see an old San Francisco "K" streetcar. Arthur Williams, S'43, donated a March 30, 1943 photograph of a #12 streetcar accident with an automobile on Onondaga Avenue near Balboa that caused the streetcar to get off its tracks and
be sideways across Onondaga Avenue. This was photo-
graphed from a classroom window on Art's last day as a
Balboa student before entering the Navy during WWII.
You will be able to see these items when the Museum
opens again sometime in the Fall.
Jane Lacy McLeary F'37 stands in front of Balboa and
watches her memories float by. She thinks of when her
class had a great reunion. Art Dikas, Marie Odenthal,
Howard Pearson, Ray Malispina, Jack Reed and Al Borelli and many others helped organized it. They held our
reunion 10 years after the war. It took two years to
organize the reunion. No Alumni Assoc. existed or list of
classes existed at this time. She would like to encourage
all Pioneers of the early thirties and Buccaneers of the
early forties to get classmates to join the Alumni. Please
send your memories and membership requests to:

Balboa Alumni


The Gangplank - April 2006 - page 6


THE BIG - 60 - IN STYLE .....
By: Joe Rodriguez (F'61)
His friends & classmates say that he knows
how to put on a nice party. And by the looks
of it, he did it again. Chuck Priolo (S'63), an
accomplished saxophonist, a.k.a. "Saxey Chuck"
put on a big 60"' birthday bash for his fellow
classmates & friends last Oct. 1s* at the "Villa"
in San Mateo. Chuck, who at one time lived on
Tioga Ave. and then on Desmond St., in my old
neighborhood Vis. Valley, has a knack for party
About 105 people attended the event including
special guest Iris Allegrini who was Bal's School
secretary during the 1960's and who is also a
member of the Balboa Hall of Merit. Iris'
daughter Adrienne, S'63, was also there.
The evening's entertainment included a large
ten foot screen on which was projected per-
formances by Little Richard, the Moonglows,
Little Anthony & the Imperials and other hit-
makers of the '50's & '60's. There were also
Hula Hoop contests, won by Gus Ramirez and
Johnny Melendez. plus other fun things and
special prizes.
Chuck says that it was an evening filled with
lots of fun and camaraderie and everyone
enjoyed themselves.Congratulations to the "Host" for a job well done and a belated "Happy Birthday" to the members of the Class of S'63 of which my
sister Vivian (Rodriguez) Bianchi is a member.
And, she's still raving about the good time that
she had.


More Gossip

Vice President, Pat Keney Perruquet
(F'53) not only is a volunteer at Balboa's
library(with Rudy "The Body" Ramirez,
, but also is a volunteer at the Zoo.
It's seems as though Bal could have its
own Zoo.. .since so many Bucs are members
of "Lions International". At the Millbrae
Lion's Crab Feed in January, Lion Joe Farrah
(F'46) "bumped into" Lion Matteo Genna
('43), retired from SFPD, 21 years. Matt
lives in Clayton and is brother to Benvenuta
Genna Brand (F'46) who lives in Vista,
California, who has bad hip surgery!—Now
that you've had that surgery, Bennie, no
excuses, Class of 1946 will expect you to
dance on August 19,60th Reunion Luau.
Perhaps you can do the hula?
Congrats to Cathy Mueller ('74) who
bowled perfect 300, Fob 3 at the Sea
Bowl in Pacifica—she has an Award
jacket and a gold ring. Mom, ('48)
Margie Mueller lives on Capistrano is soooo proud. Margie came to our homecoming and writes "..loved the new bleachers, the antique cars
and the many volunteers.Phil Dancel (S'62), track star & pterodactyl winner. Madeline (Alexander) Dancel (F'63) and Tina (Figueroa) Colon (S'64) are proud grandparents these days. Their granddaughter
is Marie Colon, the outstanding playmaking
and sharp shooting guard for San Francisco's
Mercy High School basketball team for the
past two seasons. Marie, a senior, helped lead
the Skippers to a perfect 12-0 league this season
and 2nd place in the CCS. And did you know
that Phil Danceel two daughters also excelled
in high school athletics? His oldest daughter,
Alva (Dancel) Valle. received the "Sportsman's'
trophy for her awesome display as a track and
cross country star at Mills High School and
went on to Cal-State Northridge on a scholar-
ship. Daughter Leah (Dancel) Colon grabbed
similar honors while a volleyball standout at
St. John's High School in the City. As far as
athletic talent is concerned, Phil is convinced
that it's in the genes.

 Don Garduno (S'63) had
a great time at Chuck Priolo's 60"' birthday
bash. He should've been dancing but it looks
like he was busy checking out the "scenery."
Don says that Roseanne Schach and Sandy
Carlomagno looked terrific, just like they did
at Bal. Don Garduno, by the way, is proud
to have been the late Coach Archie Chagon-
first quarterback, '62 season. Jack
Giessler. also at the birthday celebration,
was one of the first guards on that initial
team of Chagoniian's. We connected with
Al Wurdinger (F'62), former S.A. President,
at last November's Hall of Fame dinner. Al
was there to honor Manny Montova.EVEN MORE GOSSIP
Many thanks to Patricia Slattery Banett
('54) a loyal supporter, who sends us a
monthly weather report from Grand
Junction, Colorado. Patricia enjoyein
tour of our museum when she was last
in town. And it's always good to hear
from Patricia Pennington Schwarting of
Foster City. (She doesn't send a weather
Report, bat sent a Christmas card!)
New Board member, Barry Calero,
('72) remembers daily "running into?
Steve Leonoudakis ('41) when working
on California Street, a few years ago.
Geezer Frank LWef ('45) has a great
collection of football programs from
the 40's that he will donate to our
Museum as soon as he gets them back
from Geezer Jim Folger ('45).
Verleen Apodaca White (S'56) almost
never misses our Variety Show. See
you there, Verleen.Tom DeMerritt (S'56) is looking forward to Spring and warm weather.
In Lafayette he can be heard singing
his not-so-favorite song "Spring Will
Be a Little Late This year".
CarolMagnussonHoward ('48)
and Commerce husband Bob "Muggs"
Howard, are proud of their grandson
Robert, a most fabulous dancer, who
participated the show "So Delicious"
in October at the Julia Morgan Theatre
in Berkeley. Russ ('48) & June Weaver ('52)
Magnusson celebrated their SO"1 Wedding
Anniversary at the Clarion.. Lots of
Bucs there. The Magnusson, Weavers,
Howards all were raised on "the hill" i.e.
Bernal Heights, as was Mauro Capone.
Beroal Heights/Cortland Avenue was a
little city onto itself- with grammar
school, library, churches, tiny Cortland
Theatre, meat and other markets, .candy
stores, pool hall, bars. You never had to
leave "the hill". It was all "there".
Kids either went to Commerce, Mission
and the lucky ones went to Balboa!
Yes, there are girl "Lions"! Theresa
Miloslavic Garcia ('73) is a member of
the South S.F. Lions.
Dorothy Senvenuti Orchid (F'45)
recommends we all buy one of our
Balboa Alumni License plate holders
*(only $4.00—see order form). Dot's
plate holder has attracted a number
of Bucs, who said they, too, were Bucs.
Who said that brains and talent usually
skip a generation? Someone said it But,
the Farrah family has proved otherwise.
Brainy, Old Geezer, Joe Farrah (F'46) has
a brainy daughter: Terry Farrah. Terry
and her partner Eric Bone) are the brains
behind the Millbrae Street Scramble (It's like
a Scavenger hunt throughout Millbrae).
It's fun but rather complicated, so this
reporter can't understand it (Does that
mean I am one of the skipped generations?)
It was good to see former faculty member
and S.A. Advisor John Propster at the Feb
meeting (Student speech contest) of the
Geneva-Mission Lions Club. John now
teaches and coaches student speakers at
Washington, but we wish he would "come
home" to Bal! Some other Bucs (who are
also Lions, grrrrr!) were there. Charlie
Bottarini, Joe Farrah, Emily Powell, Dick
Johnson, to name a few. Lions do good
things for the community. "Wanta" join?
Contact Joe Farrah for info: 650-697-6359.
Hall of Merit(er) Chris Pallas ('42) retired
after 25 years of service to San Bruno,
serving six terms on the Council and four
terms as Vice Mayor. Nearly 125 guests
attended the retirement luncheon on Jan 22,
many family members, including three of
his four brothers (all Bucs), Ted, Andy and
Harry. (Brother Gus died in 1991). Congrats,

O.K., let's not ridicule the "do's"
and styles of current teenagers. Am
Ghigliazza (S'55) dug into his archives
labled "bad things I did at Bal" and
has 'fessed up! (This story is so funny
and rather long, so the following is only
an excerpt-it you want the "whole enchi—
lada"plus newspaper photo write to us)

In a nuttyshell, there was a scalping
party in 1955, as a result of a Hi-Y
initiation. The "hair butchering" was
done at Thornton Beach, the initiates
ended up in jail. The next day Vice Prin.
Frederick sent them to John "The Duke"
Duca's barbershop on Mission to repair
their butchered pompadours. The infamous
initiates of classes of '54 and'55 were:

Terry Ford, Am Ghigliazza, Gary and Norm
Nielsen, Jack Murray, Bob Haverlock,
Charlis Brusco, Bill Bugler and Rich
BurianL Bob Timko helped the Duke
make the 'plucked chickens' look better.
I have to stop typing, 'cause I'm laughing
so much at the photo and full story.

Dr. Ron and Carmen Campbell (1953)
are amazing. Ron is recuperating from a
serious illness, yet is writing a fifth book-
- "Transpersonal Meditation."Carmen is
also an author. Their books are sold at
Barnes & NobeLcom and

Bernice and Vie Monin ('39) sure
miss their classmate Ivan Sorg who
passed on July 2003. They write that
"We enjoy The Gangplank so much
and hope it continues forever."
Vie and Bernice have put together
many class reunions.

The Bal Gals of early 40's once
again had a great Christmas lunch „.„,
at Bakers' Square. Gloria Lazzarini
Ferret (F'43) was chairman; The gals
missed Gene Perret ('40). He joins the
group only if he dons a Santa costume.
Audrey Perrone & Ginny Parker send
love to Galdo Pavini! How about that?

We are grateful to the family of former
faculty member, the late Eugene Benefiel
for donating to our museum the two boxes
of yearbooks and panoramic senior photos.
(Ms. Benefiel taught from the late 40's to
June, 1976). Thanks to Dorothy Benvenuti
Orchid, we have a framed Certificate of
Remembrance of Mr. Benefiel in the Museum.

It was good to hear from Granville DeMerriti
who is one of the many Bucs who live in Santa
Rosa. Granville sends his congrats to Frank
Klucznik ('43) who was inducted into the
Hall of Fame and to Pete Econonwu who
was inducted into the hall of Merit; and
wife Ruth sends congrats to Guadalupe
classmate. Norm Rapp ('44) who was
inducted into the Hall of Merit.

Rudy Bertolozzi (F'46) was honored
by the So San Francisco Italian American
Citizens Club on December 10 as the "Person
Of The Year". Lots of Italians and Bucs
attended. By the way, at a recent "Geezer"
lunch, Leo McLaughlin ('48) told everyone
at his table that he was a better bocci ball
player than the aforementioned "Person
Of the Year", and could prove it. Rudy
responded by saying,"Any time, any place!"


The Legends Do it !  Gangplank 2005

Hall of Famer Artie Dikas (F'37)
happily reports the BALBOA LEGENDS
"did it" again! Did what? you ask! On
July 6 at Willow Park they held their
Umpteenth annual golf tournament
(followed by dinner at Dino's in Castro
Valley) 47 participants. Here's the lineup
(you'll see lots of Bucs here—forgive us
if we spelled the names slightly wrong
& left out Class): Bob Antraccoli r40). Paul
Gandolfi. Bob Becker. Rod Hole in One
Page ('44\ Ernie Race (F'42). Vince TndonL
Pete Dalton ('44). Bob Andreini.. Chuck Garcia,
Joe Noero. Al Alessandri (F'45). Ed hole in one
Del Carlo. Bob Goudv^ 2" place winners 4some:

Gene Ferret ('40). Mike Ferret. Chris Ferret and
Frank Young. - Bo Euctis. Bill Skalko. Tony
Rev ('44). Howard ConnoHv. 3"' Place winners
4some: Stan Bell ('39. Walt Schuback C4Q\ Bernie
Wvmam and Al Hons. Aldo Savio. Jack Smith.
Al Scaccotossi (F'45). Jim Anderson. Al Fregosi
C33 Ray Fen-era. Ed Hole in One Morev.
Charlie Bottarini. Pete Smith. -^ pincette
Winner 4some;  . Pete Bucciarelli
' ('46). Bob Gi«a£iiiiias (S"4S^, Frank Ingersoll C44)

Nick Kafkas, Ace Reporter, Reports: APRIL 2006

Retired faculty member. Nick Kafkas who taught at Bal for 37 years, who • ' ; ''"
founded the Balboa Alumni Association, is still active as member of the Board of
Directors and as Chairman of our Heritage and Traditions Committee (directs our
Move Up Assembly and sale of senior sweaters)
, keeps "running into" alums. So
we've asked him to write a column—so here it is:

Balboa Bucs are everywhere... it's a real pleasure to see them
throughout the city and to renew that Balboa friendliness, even for a
few minutes... .

Saw LINDA COLE S'67 on her birthday in West Portal, she keeps in touch with LINDA FEDERIGHI S' Lakeshore Plaza ran into FRANCIS LUCERO '94, now living in the East Bay. At a fundraiser for the Balboa Junior Class at Chevy's Stonestown, saw youthful GAYLE JONES Lockhart '74. Congrats to her and her husband, just married on December 10. Met RICHARD QUESADA, '74 Senior Class President, on Taraval St, he has 2 children in college and one at S.l.—.too, saw a happy VICKY SMITH '78 on Taraval. Several grads attended the Football Dinner honoring our AAA Football Round Robin co-champions RICKEY BUSSEY '75 who is Alumni VP and works hard to support the Balboa athletic program, JANE LACY MCCLEARY P37, VICKIE HACKETT S'71, VICKIE JARGOHYEN S'66, DON GARDUNO S'63. FAY IA'88 and her son ASAFO IA'07, CARLOS WEBSTER'80 and his son SOLOMON WEBSTER '07. Also met MAGDA ROSSI RINALDI, her son is in the '09 class. Magda Is the sister of ANGIE ROSSI '75. 'Talked to RODNEY BLOCK '87 and Al NGUYEN COLLINS '87 who are talking to CERA CLARK'87 about a reunion. At the new Westlake Home Depot ran into ROBERT VALENCIA '85 and his beautiful wife and good guy VESON TERRY '74. At the Alumni v. Varsity Basketball game....

Sunnyside Elementary School had a reunion for all classes on Feb.
11,1 completed the H8 in P46.. Met Balboa grads who also went to
Sunnyside ROBERT BRISCOE S'64, JERRY HILL F64 S.A. President,
MARK SULTANA F'64 Sr. Class President and three lovely Bal grads
with whose names I am having a senior moment. Working on Move-Up
at Balboa, ran into MARIFI DIZON '81 who looks great.

The Gangplank Staff Sept 2005

Emily Powell (F'46), 650-851-8101
Joe Rodriguez (F'61) 415-564-5057
Dorothy Benvenuti Orchid (F'45)
Pat Keney Perruquet (F'53) 415-586-0891
Ed Baker (F'59) 415-333-0896
Ric Bussey (S'75) 650-871-7447
Vickie Jargoyhen (S'66) 415-333-5783
Vickie Hackett (S'71) 415-333-0896

Saturday, August 6th Picnic 2005
On a picnic morning..." with lots
warning, over 100 Bucs (with families)
descended on San Bruno City Park
and experienced one of the best of our
annual picnics. Many thanks to Hall of
Famer Joseph Belfrev (1978) for doing
all the heavy duty food and supply
shopping and Head Barbecue Chef
Leroy Miranda (1979)—who also did
a lot of unloading and reloading of
helpless? female Bucs' cars,— and to
assistant chefs Gary Monteleone (S'66)
Hall of Famer Richard Monteleone
(F'70). Bob Monteleone. ( ?) and Frank
Monteleone (S'64). Kirn Morrell ('78)
kept a watchful eye on all of the above,
and showed them how to flip hamburgers
and cook chicken!

We thought they wouldn't make it—but
they did!! Hall of Famer Siegan Keys f'72)
and brother Andre Keys ('73 and their
wives and family were warmly greeted
by Hall of Famer Ric Bussev C75) and
Mr.»K"-NickKafkas. Siegan didn't
have too much time to eat, because his
daughter needed help in riding her
new purple bike.

Alberta Jaramillo (S'68) brought her
Granddaughter Cheyenne—all dressed
in orange and blue from the top other
head to toes..She is the great grand-
Daughter of Hall of Famer. late and
Great Henry Red Jensen and Nancy
Bushnell Jensen.

_As far as attendance -the top three
Class eras: 60's came way tops in First,
then the 70's, then the 50's. The youngest
alums there were Lisa Bosso (2000) and
Randv Manuel (1999). The oldest alums
prefer to remain anonymous!


Saturday, July 9th was a happy day
for the Excelsior District. The newly
upgraded Excelsior Library at Cotter
and Mission reopened with a sidewalk
parade, welcome speeches, food and
entertainment and with Mayor Gavin
Newsom and Supervisor Gerardo
Sandoval and other dignitaries there.
The Mayor gave due credit to all of
The Friends of the Library who worked
so hard to make this happen.

We were pleased to see that Walt Jebe
(F'42) was recognized. Why should Walt
be recognized? Here's a short story:

Some of our more "mature" members
probably remember the original Excelsior
Library on Ocean Avenue, with Marie
Odenthal Giannini's (F'37) sister Josephine
as Librarian). Then there was a temporary
location for a while - totally unsuitable
for the number of people and students
in the neighborhood. Then Walt to the
rescue! and after ten years and 20,000
signatures, he was able to get the library
built in 1967 at its current location. It
was great, but had to be upgraded==
hence, the Reopening in July!

Of course, there were Bal Gals in the
Parade (waving pennants and poms)-
Here's a few: Vickie Hackett C71), Marie
Odenthal Giannini F'37). Gwen Powell
Podesta (F'42) Emily Powell F'46). Caria
Trettin f'75). Gennesis Gastillo C06).
Dorothy Benvenuti Orchid (F'45) and
Bal Guv Art Williams (S'43) and more!

The Walt Jebe  - Excelsior District
book is sooooo popular. Don't buy
it from a vendor, buy it from; we then
can give scholarship awards at Bal.
Darlene Cerruti Muhlberg  S'60
has found photos of her dad's dental
office and keeps reading it over and over,
as does Grace Berry Facciano ('36). ^
Grace is the mother of famed "Funny
Car" owner and racer Rich Facciano.



September 2007 Alumni Gossip

Debra Davis Southworth and
Christina A. Majewsky 1974
classmates, were surprised to see
each other at the Balboa Hall of
History Museum on May 13, 2006
(after attending the Variety Show
in the Auditorium)
; they had not
seen each other since graduation
day! They were each looking for
the 1974 Panoramic Photo in the
Museum and when they found it,
they noticed that they were standing
next to each other in the photo
of 1974, and here they were now
in Balboa's Museum "standing
next to each other again". What
a coincidence and a wonderful
nostalgic surprise!

Chris Duff, S'60, in Albany,
Oregon, wore his Balboa Football
shirt to his church one day and
another Balboan noticed it and
said that she went to Balboa, too,
in 1952 (name unknown). Wear-
ing our Balboa shirts is a great
way to meet other Balboans!

A granddaughter of a BAA Board
of Directors member who lives in
Eugene, Oregon, as a student
and works in an organic restau-
rant noticed a customer with a
Balboa t-shirt on. The wearer
was not a Balboan, but a student
at DC Berkeley and had
purchased the Balboa t-shirt at
a thrift store! Again, our Balboa
t-shirts advertise Balboa and a
great way to meet people.

John Van Derslice, S'45, recalls
meeting two Balboans very far
away from Balboa! One being in
February 1946 as a sailor in the
U.S. navy when he was surprised
to see a Balboa classmate,
Walter Perscheid, S'45, in the
middle of a storm as they secured
small craft on a shoreline near
Tokyo. They had not seen each
other since graduation day! On a
second time, John was surprised
to see Aubrey "Lee" Griffith, S'55,
when they both were employed
by Aramco Oil Co. in Dhahran, Saudi
Arabia. In their growing up years they
lived in the same neighborhood of the
Sunnyside district of San Francisco.
When in 1990 John announced he
would retire from Aramco after ten
years of service in his assignment as
supervisor of engineering and technical
training, "Lee", as editor of Training
Materials, asked the graphic artist unit
of Aramco to create an artistic drawing
in caricature form for the planned
retirement party for John and wife
Annette Drago Van Derslice, S'46.
This humorous, large drawing shows
John and Annette on a pirate ship with
the word "Balboa" on it, ready to sail
away to America, showing palm trees
on the shoreline of Saudi Arabia and
depicts all the persons that John
worked with, and even the vehicle he
drove. This drawing was recently
donated to the Balboa Hall of History
Museum by John and Annette because
of the pirate ship motif. Next time you
visit the museum you must see it.

Pat Slattery Barrett (S'54) sent us her
monthly weather report from Colorado
Springs: HOT!

Mildred Johnson Boone (F'46) writes
that she really enjoys the Gangplank
and said "Just keep up the good work".
Millie used to live in SSF. Now, during
the summer, she spends most of her
time in her swimming pool in Modesto!

Where is Carl Renner (F'58)? He's
moved to El Dorado Hills and teaches a
bocce ball class, while continuing to
play tennis.

Don't try to call Hemlock 1172 to order
baked goods from Peerless Bakery on
Erie Street. Walt Haag ('35) still passes
out the now defunct bakery's business
cards. (Walt had a good time at the
picnic as did 117 other Bucs).

We got a note from Paul Williamson
(S'55). He lives in Green Valley, AZ
and looks forward to the Gangplank.
He retired after 15 years as a
Master Scheduler for a manufac-
turer of solid propellant rocket
motors in San Jose. Space and
defense systems work was exciting
as was meeting astronauts!

Alumni Pat Kenny Perruquet, (F'53)
took Tommy Thompson ('56) on a
tour of our museum while he was in
town. He's looking for Don Terrell.

Bal grad Eddie Valencia has been
playing drums at Westlake Joe's for
fifty years! (He does go home to
rest occasionally)
. He is the father
of Max and Bob. Nancy Dempsey
often joins the trio with her lovely

John Stahlamn (S'51) is happy to
be back on our mailing list. We lost
him or he lost us for a few years.
Frances Rosa Sander (F'43) some-
how just found out about our alumni
association and is going to join
pronto. All of her siblings went to
Bal. Speaking of siblings, nine
Dellinges (of Ney Street) went to
Balboa. Ai ('50) is a most talented
artist and has done some fantastic
art work for us. He came to the
picnic and enjoyed talking to
Gwen Powell Podesta (F'42) who
graduated with his late sister

Tony Boyadzis ('60) had fun at our
Picnic and thinks more of the
"younger folk", i.e. from the 60's
should get involved. Yes, we need
help. Contact Vickie Hackett (S'71)
VP at 415 333-0896 or President
Emily Powell (F'46) 650851-8101.
Tony lives on "famous" Madison
Ave (not New York but San Bruno)
where Sherm Heaney ('44) and
Jerry Kennealy ('56) live and where
the late Hall of Famer Frank Zmak
and Bob Zmak used to live.

The F'45 Class had a successful 60th
reunion luncheon at Patio Espanol on
November 4, 2006 ,and enjoyed by all
classmates and friends that were

We were pleased to have Out-of-
State visitors at the Balboa Hall of
History Museum on April 26, 2007, of
Al Gamma, F'47, of West Chester, PA,
& Laura Armbruster Beard, S' 54, of
Fishers, IN, and their alumni friends,
Bill Malaun, F'47, San Jose, CA, and
Joan Vella Levy, S'54, Burlingame,
CA. We were pleased that Laura and
Joan attended the once-a-year Balboa
Alumni Annual Meeting that evening in
the Balboa Library. They heard all the
good things the Alumni does for

Dorothy Benvenuti Orchid, F'45, says
it was a nostalgic pleasure to be an
alumni guest this year at the June 8,
2007, 76th Anniversary of the Move-Up
Assembly at Balboa, and to see the
students of the Class 2008 run down
the aisles in the Auditorium with
such enthusiasm wearing their senior
sweaters, waving orange and blue pom-
poms and with joyous smiles on their
faces. Her alumni friends Dana Spurgeon
Ayoob, F'62, Kathy Hard Bianchi, S'60,
Leo McMillian, S'48, who were also
alumni guests at Move-Up, agreed, too,
that it brought back wonderful memories
of their time at Balboa when they ran
down the aisles at Move-Up with their
classmates and friends. It was a
Sentimental Journey! Thank you,
Leo McMillan, S'48, for presenting the
Pterodactyl award this year to the
graduating Class 2007 recipient, Kathy
Kaplow, which is given to honor an out-
standing graduating athlete, that also
has high qualities of leadership, sports-
manship, and team effort. The prestig-
ious award is given each year at the
Move-Up Assembly, and Leo has
graciously presented this award for the
last several years.
Bucs seen at the No.Calif Veteran Boxing
luncheon August 10, 2007,at the
Granada Cafe- Hall of Famer Phil Dancel
(S'62), Ric Micheli (F'46), Emily Powell,
(F'46), John Mikulin, Lou Milih (S'36)
Bernice Gatto Nicholson, (S'57). Lou
reminisced about Roy Yuretich (S'36)
who possibly was the greatest football
star Bal ever had, who tragically passed
away shortly after graduation.
Chuck Hamilton has a band/orchestra!
He can play just plain old American swing
or ethnic music. For our museum he
"gave up" a copy of "The Songs of the
Buccaneers", autographed by Sal Billeci.
"Wanna" hire a band? Call Chuck at
650 992-3033.
At a recent Geezer lunch, there were
enough former Blue Boys to put together
a band; Al Scaccalosi, Bob Bernard,
Al Sunseri, Al Landi, Ric Micheli, and
Joe Bottino.
Dana Woldow, mother of Max Schieber
('07), has been adopted by our alumni
association. Lucky us! We have also
adopted Tony Edwards who worked
diligently and hard with Don Garduno
(S'63) in packing up our museum items
for safekeeping during Bal's modernization.

Beverly (S'58) & Gordon Chalmers
(S'57) live in San Mateo Highlands
on Bunker Hill. It is called a "piece
of heaven'. In 2004, Bev & Gordon
were grand marshals at the annual
parade. Gordon most recently has
been working with former Bal dance
instructor, Yvonne Me Clung, in
organizing the School of the Arts
Alumni Association.

The Balboa "Legends" once again
had their annual golf tournament in
Castro Valley on July 11, 2007.
The following is an almost accurate
list of players; most all went to
Balboa. We apologize if we have
not listed year of graduation in all
cases. Pete Bucciarelli, ('46)
Artie Dikas (F'37), Bob Antraccoli
('40), Bob Becker, Paul Gandolfi
('40), Sherm Heaney ('44),
Rod Page('44), Rod Crampton,
Tom D'Angelo Howard Connolly,
Bernie Wyman ('40), Vince Tudoni,
Pete Dalton, ('44), Chuck Garcia,
Jack Marquis, Al Scaccalosi, ('45)
Jim Anderson, Frank Ingersoll ('44),
Jim Doherty ('46), Larry Ross,
Bob Giannini ('46), Ed DeCarlo,
(F'45) Joe Noero, Bob Goudy,
Frank Strazzullo, Leo Martinez,
Lou DeSalvatore & Nick Cannuli.
Also attending, but not playing,
were Hall of Famer Woody
Dei Carlo and Al Fregosi. We
missed Walt Schuback ('40) at the
event. He has retired, but no doubt
soon will be sitting at his favorite bar
seat at The Granada Cafe.

We remind you that this group
annually helps fund our baseball
and other teams at Balboa.

After the tournament, the gang
went to Dino's in Castro Valley &
paid tribute to the memory of
Frankie Me Cormack (F'37) and
Ernie Race (F'42). Paul Gandolfi
sang "When Irish Eyes are Smiling".
Mike Castegnetto is a member of
the Geneva Mission Lions Club and
is "sorta" the head chef/honcho at
the Clubs annual crab feed. 1,750 Ibs.
of crab were consumed! The Lions have
adopted Balboa's student government.
Lots of Bucs are Lions.
Jerry Kennealy ('55) has done it again!
"It" being a new thriller called "Jigsaw"-
his 20th published novel. It is available
at Barnes and Noble. Daniel Fiddler
(S'52) recently published his first book
"I Was a Younger Brother and Other
Life Threatening Experiences". It's
available through Dan's web site at Retired faculty
member Don Hofvendahl reports that
Jim Toland (S'66) has written another

The "San Francisco Chronicle" in
February featured a photo and a story
about Beverly Garnero Taylor (S'56),
Lorraine Ferrigno Pauley (S'56).
Gloria Cloke Alves (S'56), John Pauley
(S'56) Jill Morgan Gregoire (S'56)
Rosanne DeMartini (F'55), Fred Taylor
and Pat Ferrigno Anderson took a once-
in-a-lifetime trip to Italy and Sicily,
where they all have family ties.

Sherrill Houghton's (F'45) son, Jim is a
major player in New York Theatre.
There was a great article about Jim in
the "New York Times" in May.