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Steve Kirwin    Kip there is also a really nice set of murals that were done in the 90's that were done on the walls of the tennis courts at Excelsior Park. One mural includes an image of Rev Edward Stewart who I was an associate to at Community Assembly of God in the 90's. He was very active with the Excelsior Youth Club and worked with many others including Mayor Willie Brown to get the Excelsior Youth Center built next to Excelsior School.
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Emily Powell     Now there is a new, let us Call it Montage-type mural on the Ocean Avenue side of Wells Fargo Bank at Mission. the theme was supposed to reflect the Excelsior of the 30s and 40s and that was the materials I sent as did Walter Jebe III. The 'stretched it " a bit, so
January 21 at 5:57pm

Emily Powell     it includes two items from the 50's. But, I/we had submitted photos of World War II and Treeasure Island -- which had had a bit impact on our lives in the 'hood' then. But they did not have enough space -- but is is still very well done, has a legend beneath and there is or will
January 21 at 5:59pm

Emily Powell      be brochures inside the Bank, which I have not seen yet. See It!!!
January 21 at 6:00pm

Emily Powell      Excuse any misspelled words. I usually notice them after I have posted the article...
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Bill Lackey      I see the beloved water. Where is this mural?
January 27 at 2:27am

Bill Lackey      it was late.....water TOWER
January 27 at 6:21am

Mark McKenzie     There are several but that one looks like the one on the side of Central drugs on Santa Rosa street
January 27 at 7:29am

Mark McKenzie      Sorry didn't see the above address, but it is Jerry Garcia not Gerry, every deadhead knows that :)
January 27 at 7:31am

Emily Powell     The new
January 27 at 12:12pm

Emily Powell        The new "montage=type" mural is on the Ocean Avenue side of Wells Fargo Bank at Mission--supposed to depict the Excelsior in the 30s and 40s--but got a bit of the 50s in there. The "Other' mural done by Preciita Eyes with community input is on the Sa...See More
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Gayle Manfre       I will have to check these murals out! I paint murals with students in Sonoma.
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Photos by

Emily Powell
Alumni Assoc Past Pres

When and if you take a nostalgic drive around the 'old
neighborhood', after viewing our beautiful Balboa, we suggest you
drive (or walk for some exercise!) up to the corner of Santa Rosa and
Mission Street, and there you will see on the Santa Rosa side of
Central Drug Store (which has served our neighborhood for decades),
a magnificent mural depicting the evolution of the Excelsior District.

On the far left you will see the old No. 40 streetcar, a portrait of
an early farming immigrant, a remembrance of the big top circus that
thrilled us in the 30s, well known prizefighter, manager, youth leader
and long time storekeeper. Lew Powell, the original Corpus Christi
Church and 'right smack in the middle" - beautiful Balboa High
School! Followed by Granada theatre marquee. Royal Baking
Company, and Gerry Garcia with his guitar, wearing a Balboa Music
Department tee-shirt, (Yes, Gerry attended Excelsior, Monroe, James
Denman and Balboa (through about his Junior year), and then there is
much more to look at..Oh, and, if you look closely, you will see the
wisps of fog hovering over the mural!

Our alumni association worked with the Excelsior Action Group
and other community leaders in successfully getting a grant to finance
this wonderful work done by Precita Eyes, (San Francisco's well known
and respected muralists). Ideas, historical photos, sketches and other
materials were submitted by this committee, and this resulted in the
final mural subjects. The committee and muralists received many
other suggestions, but had to make decisions based on the space
available. We thank the alumni, student and neighborhood
volunteers who assisted Precita Eyes in this project.

Oh, and by the way, when you visit our Hall of History Museum
at Balboa, you will see a framed photo of the mural on display.

We are grateful to Hall of Earner John Consiglieri (S'37) and his
family (who live just down the street) who 'keep an eye out' for
graffiti, as do the loyal Tonelli family of Central Drug.

So, via this message, we encourage you to take a visit back to
the Excelsior and admire this 62 ft by 8 ft spectacular mural. Then,
why not drop in Central Drug and buy something and thank the
Tonelli family for their 'donating' their wall to our heritage? And, if
you're hungry, there is good food just across the street at the Chicken
Coop. So, why not take the family back to the 'old neighborhood, do
some reminiscing about your roots and those "good old days"?

We hope, then that you will "have a good day".