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B361 Wizard of Oz

B361 Wizard of Oz Viewmaster



 When Dorothy heard Uncle Henry yell, "Cyclone!"
she grabbed her dog Toto and ran for the storm cellar. Before she reached it, the Kansas whirlwind struck. The farmhouse trembled and the shrieking wind lifted it high in the air. Inside, Dorothy sat quietly. Once Toto fell through the trapdoor but the wind held him up until she could drag him to safety. As the hours passed, even worry about what would happen when the house fell could not keep the little girl awake. And Toto slept in her arms.


A sudden shock awakened Dorothy. She saw that
the house had landed in a green, flower-filled country. Outside were two little men dressed in blue, and a little woman who sparkled in the sunlight, and said, "Welcome, noble Sorceress,
to the land of the Munchkins. Thank you for killing the Wicked Witch of the East!"  "You must be mistaken," cried Dorothy; "I killed no one!" "Your house did," replied the woman, laughing, and pointed to two silver-shod feet sticking out from under the house.
"Don't cry," said the woman. "Now there is only one wicked witch left—the Witch of the West. I am the Witch of the North, a good witch, as is the one who lives in the South. More powerful than all of us is Oz, a great wizard who lives in the Emerald City."

VIEW-MASTER REEL 1 Picture 3 "If you are a good witch," said Dorothy, "you can help me get back to Kansas. Aunt Em will be worried." The Witch shook her head. "I've never heard of Kansas."
Seeing Dorothy sob, the Witch balanced her cap on her nose. It became a slate with the words, "Let Dorothy go to the Emerald City."
"Follow the yellow road!" The Witch whirled around and vanished.
"Wear the silver shoes of the Wicked Witch," advised the Munchkins. "They're supposed to have a magic charm."


Following their advice, Dorothy and Toto set out
down the yellow road. Toward evening she sat down beside a
scarecrow in a cornfield. As she looked, the stuffed man winked
one painted eye. "Good day," said the Scarecrow huskily, "I'm tired of perching on this pole night and day. I wonder if you would lift
me down." Dorothy, surprised to hear a scarecrow talk, climbed on the
fence and lifted him free. Shakily, he stood up and, stumbling
often, followed the girl and her dog down the road.
"I am Dorothy," she introduced herself. "Toto and I are
going to ask the Wizard of Oz to send us back to Kansas. Do
you know how far it is to the Emerald City?"
"No, indeed. I don't know anything. I am stuffed with straw
and have no brains at all," he answered sadly. Then brightening,

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