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B546 Fantastic Voyage "Crystals from Deep Space"





From Back Cover

When the first starship to land
on a planet of another sun heads
back to the Solar System with its
astronauts unconscious/ an emer-
gency call is placed for the CMDFI

The CMDF (combined miniaturization detection force) through the
fantastic powers of their miniaturization machine are able to transport
themselves into unknown dimensions
for a limited time—twelve hours-
after which they are doomed.

Jonathan Kidd, Dr. Guru, Erika
Lane, and Busby Birdwell in their
space ship "Voyager" are reduced
50 times and blast off to intercept
the starship.

How they find a way into the
great rocket, what help Dr. Calvin
Kazdan, the noted expert on interstellar biology gives them, and how
they combat the space crystals forms
one of their most fantastic voyages.

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